Oh, such a month. MummaE went away for ages and left me with the cats. And MummaC. But MummaE did come back and I bounced and bounced at her, and then fell asleep on my stuffies. Also, finally, no more pantses for me, lots of time with best uncle Greg, and the cats love me as they should. I had a fun field trip to the aquarium, where I met Tracy again, plus my dog peeps. And a very large sea lion who borked at us all.

I have a new fluffy friend, who is almost my size but only 14 weeks old, and we played and chased and I could not get away from her. Puppies are the worst! And then, I had to go the vet along with Glossy and Yorkii. The vet people shaved my belly, then put cold slimies on it while they looked at my insides for something. I don’t think they found it though. When I got home again, the cats thought I smelled funny. I did not. And even if I did, it was rude of them to say.

Submitted by: Erin & Clelie