Frens, it’s been a month of firsts. First bus ride (so loud), first big-dog off-leash park (so exciting), and first weekend away from home to stay with GrannyNeen and PoppaPeter to learn some manners from Mumma Devon and fun auntie Jewel. And it worked. Apparently my manners are nice now.

The Mummas took me to see lovely Jackie and Heather and Chelsea in person, instead of in the little box where they normally live. Whenever I hear Jackie’s voice on Tuesday evenings, I get kibzes, so I just stayed in my down while MummaE fed me kibzes and everyone talked about me. I was so good they let me play with Hex and Nav and Tira. I got a new cape too, cos I’m bigger now. I’m up to 45.6 lbs so new cape, bigger flea pills, and no one messes with me now, although they still all say how small I am. Rude.

I’m learning to leave food on the ground. MummaC puts a whole lot of kibs down and I ignore them. And she gives me a different kibs. I got her figgered out.

Submitted by: Clelie and Erin