Practicing my duration in down in the emergency room at Fernie Hospital (waiting for my “boy” – nothing serious by the way).  I did great despite all the distractions going on in there 🙂
I also met an amazing man.  He asked to take my photo and after, I went and put my head on his lap.  It turns out he recently lost his service dog of 12 years (he is a veteran) and is in line for another. He said his stress was high today as he waited for a family member who was in emerg, and was really missing his dog!!  He had tears in his eyes as he petted me.  He then thanked my raiser for helping me learn to to be an assistance dog – he said he has had a number of friends from the service who have committed suicide, and he knows a dog would have made a difference in their lives (as it has in his).

Feeling good about what I do – I think I did some good today :). #PADScisco

Submitted by PADS Volunteer Raiser Jan Donald