Cliff took July by storm with several exciting outings and experiences. He went to the Calgary Stampede on a Calgary Transit bus and navigated his way wonderfully through the crowds, loud noises and abundant new smells. The stock dog trials really got his attention. I don’t know if he was more interested in the dog or the sheep, but he had a great time watching the whole spectacle. We attended a Stampede Caravan pancake breakfast, and Cliff had no qualms about waiting in line for pancakes that he wouldn’t be eating. He patiently waited and watched all of the people around him.

Cliff and PADS Slick got a new elevated dog bed to share so laying around in the backyard and other outdoor spaces is so much more comfortable now. They enjoy their new bed in the shade after a good game of tug wears them out.

Cliff rounded out the month with an IMAX movie-going experience, a few restaurant trips and a visit to my parent’s home out of town. He never fails to impress when out in public. He is an easygoing, happy pup who wants to please.

Submitted by: Tracey