Clipper moved to a new home on June 2. She is very good at taking care of her people and that includes barking at perceived intruders. She has been working hard at learning other options. She is a delight and the whole neighbourhood is helping her. It is hoped that a small, quiet community is just what she needs.

On a non-work note, Clipper decided that lake swimming is way better than dipping her feet in the Calgary rivers, sooooo much warmer. After much enticing, she decided to try a swim. At first when her feet left the lake bottom, she held her breath as she circled back to shore. It wasn’t long before she was enjoying swimming and looking around for things to “save” in the lake. She was very proud of herself.

Clipper has shown herself to be very smart and well trained. She makes sure to keep her new raiser in-line by insisting all the PADS rules are followed. No rushing through the door to get outside to for this girl….

Submitted by: Kathy