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Everyone who sees Connell after a few weeks is amazed by how much he has grown!.  Here are two pictures, one from the gym in December, 2015, and the second at his raiser’s office in March, 2016, for comparison. Connell has great potential career as a personal trainer – “give me ten more puppy pushups, a downward dog, then chase your tail for 5 minutes”.   However, Connell stopped attending exercise class when he developed an obession with chewing the pedals on the bikes, the weights and anything else within reach.  The second photo is from March 8 during Connell (and Shelley’s) photoshoot for a feature article in the office newsletter.  Connell was named the “employee of the month” for his exemplary behaviour during meetings.  Connell is progressing very quickly in his career path; he may enter politics next – everyone loves to meet Connell, he is very photogenic and he never says anything controversial.  Look out Donald Trump, Connell may be after your job! After all, he does have a better hair style, he is very popular with all voter demographics and he is an unneutered male, so despite his small paws, there is no problem there, “I guarantee it”.

Submitted by our PADS Puppy-in-Training, Connell, and his PADS Volunteer Puppy Raisers, Shelley Lear & Wes Hermanson.