Between the Chinese New Year, Valentines’ Day, and Family Day, I had a lot of celebrating this month! 

The annual Chinatown parade was cancelled. But as I work in Chinatown, I was still able to enjoy the magic in the air. Valentine’s day was very special as I spent it with former PADS Sprout, who chose the path of pet life after spending time in puppy University. He is very gentle, kind, and considerate, and I couldn’t have been happier than being his Valentine’s this year. 

On the other hand, Family Day was not what I had expected. It was lively, intense, and full of excitement. We went crabbing at the pier of təmtəmíxwtən/Belcarra Regional Park, and it was quite something for a little 6 1/2-month-old pup like me. It started with the geese, then the massive birds, and then the crab net flying out in the water! Kids were running on the pier, dogs were passing by, and all of this was surrounded by fish, crab, and bait smells. It was so intense that I could only stay there for a short while. 

Talking about family, I got to spend some time with my brother Dylan! He is still very cute, loving, and quite playful. It was a real treat to reconnect after 4 months of not seeing him, and we still have a lot in common. 

New this month is the many interactions that I had with other furry friends – some like me and others like Bugs Bunny or Garfield. I am not often allowed to say hi, but I got to hang out and sometimes even go for walks – so it’s pretty cool! 

As for my homework, I am still diligently attending all my puppy classes, and I am doing very well. I learnt a lot this month, and my new favorite is the command ‘Perch.’ I literally get to perch on stools, rocks, pieces of wood, etc., and have a much better view than when I am on the ground. 

This is it for me, February is a short month after all 😉

Submitted by: Sabrina & Leanne