February 2023 has been awesome for a few reasons!

First, we had snow and unlike last time, when I was in heat, I could enjoy it. Secondly, I welcomed Ollie, a 6 yrs old labradoodle, into my home while his mum was in Costa Rica. He was a little ‘low key’ for me, and this really confirmed that the only reliable friends in my life are my toys. I love to play with all of my stuffies, and they never disappoint. πŸ˜‰ Also, this month was amazing because I spent 13 days with other handlers and in a different house. Tom & Donna love going out so I had lots of practice waiting for them under a table, and it was a great difference to the theatre, concert, bus rides, etc.

My training is ongoing, and I am enjoying my Monday night classes. I show off my ‘roll’ every time I get an opportunity, and my good behaviour around other dogs and engagement with my handler are obvious during class.

In February, I also had some very big days/adventures, such as delivering some paintings to the Vancouver Arts Rental and Sales, shopping for flowers, and even going to the barn to chat with some horses. I am living quite an exciting life, right?

Moving on to next month, it looks like the Oscars are back, and like last year, we have been watching a lot of movies lately, so I really hope that we will have our annual Oscar party with all my furry frens. πŸ˜‰ Other than that, we have a few plays at the theatre scheduled and I’ll even be attending the Just for Laughs Festival. I went to my first comedy show on the 4th of this month to see Mike Delamont at the Evergreen Cultural Center, and it was so fascinating that I am looking forward to listening to more people laughing and having a good time.

Submitted by: Team Copper