That’s it. I am back to work full-time now that my heat is over, and let’s just say that I don’t mind. I am very happy to be back and to attend puppy (and Zumba) class, go to the cinema, ride the bus, spend some time at the theatre, help a few frens with training in public spaces such as Coquitlam Center, and yes, I am thrilled to be able to enjoy some off-leash walks. The highlight was the one with my favourite local sitter – the wonderful Suzanne – as we went to Eagle Ridge Mountain and saw Noons Creek Falls.

As you know, I am almost 18 months now, so things are getting serious, and my people know that I don’t have much time left with them. Some could see this as sad news, but it isn’t, it’s great, and it’s exactly what is supposed to happen. My raisers are very excited that I will be moving on to a new chapter, and they are doing everything in their power to prepare me … they literally haven’t allowed me to have one ‘regular’ day in the entire month of January. I am happy to report that I am coping fine.

Don’t you worry though, you will still hear from me. PADS is amazing this way (and in so many ways, to be fair), and no matter where I live/train/learn, I will always be able to share where I am at and what is happening with me.

Take care, everyone and Gong hei fat choy (恭喜发财) for those who haven’t received my best wishes.

Submitted by: Team Copper