I may have been complaining about the heat last month and I probably shouldn’t have because life is back to normal and it’s busy!

Busy with vacation though, so it’s pretty awesome! We went away for the Canada Day Long weekend and I not only traveled with the entire family – my feline sister included – but I also got to catch ferries, celebrate my human granny’s 95th birthday, sleep in a ‘camping’ kennel and enjoy some beach time. What a great family vacation!

Then a couple of weeks later, I scored a staycation at the Amos’ resort by Pacific Spirit Regional Park where we went every morning. What fun and let me just say that I nailed the ‘vacation’ look πŸ˜‰ If you don’t believe me, check out the few pictures that I am including for my pupdate.

Work has started again with a bang. I assisted mum with her Harmony Art Festival painting collection, I sold and had to personally deliver Gabi & Jules puppy treat boxes to all my friends, I saw the ophthalmologist who confirmed that my eyes are beautiful ♥, I went back to Zumba classes and attended a few busy outings such as Ribfest, a baseball game and I even went to Church this month!

It probably won’t surprise you that I was spectacular in all situations and no matter who is handling me, they all keep telling me that I am such a good girl. I also made sure that my trainers know that I try hard and I showed them how good of a puppy I was when I saw them at my very first in-person puppy class and my 1 yr walk & talk/check up.

Yes, that’s right, I am turning 1 in just a few days and since it’s a big deal, my brother and I have decided to get together. I am so looking forward to seeing Dylan and most importantly sharing a puppy cupcake with him πŸ˜‰

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