I am typically a busy puppy and have so many outdoor experiences in a month that I never know where to start. Well, this month will be short and simple as I went into heat on June 6th!Β 

Being in heat is pretty boring! I am not allowed to do anything. No more public access, no off-leash walks, and special or high-value treats have dried up because I am stuck in the house and don’t deal with much distraction – in other words, it’s a nightmare! But it’s almost the end, and I can report that my ‘chin,’ ‘heel,’ ‘tuck sit,’ and ‘down’ cues are pretty spectacular πŸ˜‰ We also practice walking on different surfaces, playing agility games, solving puzzles, and leaving food on the floor. My feline sister and I have also spent the month finding the perfect way to play together.Β 

So it’s a pretty successful month if you think about it. Still, I can’t wait to go back outside to enjoy what summer in BC is really. Especially after a small taste of it on the first 5 days of June when we went to Minnekhada Park, one night at the new Tap & Barrel on Granville Island and then the following day to the Revolver Festival. The month really kicked off well……hopefully July will too πŸ˜‰

Submitted by:Β Team Copper