Another month, another pupdate and still so much to tell you!

As I approach the grand age of two, I’ve been officially admitted into the breeding program at PADS, and we are now all waiting for my next heat so that I can move on to the next stage of my journey/career.

But since my heat hasn’t arrived, life is carrying on as normal and my days have been filled with great adventures and visiting & helping out ‘old frens’ this month.

I spent most of the month of June on staycations at sitters’ home. For a total of three weeks, I had a blast showing sitters just how incredible I am. They were all so impressed with me that they showered me with gifts! I received a magnificent cooling bandana – just perfect for the summer heat – some handmade treats, new socks, a stuffy toy and even a Canada Day bandana to celebrate our nation’s special day tomorrow.

During the first week of June, while I was still with my raisers, I had the pleasure of reuniting with old friends. Harvest the hedgehog, Boon, and Bonnie the ferrets don’t live very far so we visited them and as always they brought me joy with their playful antics. We had a grand time catching up but I had completely forgotten that hedgehog quills poke you. Aie! Actually, I shouldn’t say this because quills don’t hurt, I just got a fright when Harvest came in for a cuddle. πŸ˜‰

In a gesture of hospitality, I also welcomed PADS Maia into my home and shared my mum with her while her family was away in the Balkans. It was short but sweet.

I also remained dedicated to my responsibilities and worked hard in June. Alongside my friend PADS Cadence, I worked diligently during the SHRED IT fundraiser event, I accompanied my sitters to each brunch and lunch they were invited to and I attended every in-person puppy class scheduled.

Adding a touch of magic to my month, I attended my very first magician show. I had a front-row seat and was in awe of the tricks and illusions…so much so that I think I may have gotten a spell as I slept 90% of the show. Hihihi

As I reflect on the month of June, I feel grateful for the paw-some experiences and connections I’ve made. Your continued support enables me to thrive in my journey and I can hardly wait for the next chapter. Considering how patient, soft and understanding I am with my little cat sista Luna, my raisers are 100% confident that I will make a fabulous mamma.

Submitted by: Team Copper