March has been like no other month, and I can’t really say if I liked it or not. 

I had dental surgery on March 2nd, so it obviously didn’t start off well, or I should say that it started off slowly 😉 I literally didn’t do anything for 4 days, but I recuperated fully, and March hit me with so many outings & festivities that I don’t have enough paws to keep counting. Between the International Women’s Day luncheon, the St Patrick’s day celebrations, the many bus rides we had to take because of the increase a fuel cost, the back to back theatre experiences, a trade show at the Vancouver Convention Center, and yes, a new furry addition to our family. I am absolutely knackered guys. 

I am doing well, though. And people around me are in awe. I am relaxed, keeping things under control and putting my best paw forward in all situations. My curious personality is still showing, but I can move on fairly quickly to check in with my handler – or explore something else and even grab a quick nap whenever possible. The theatre has proven to be a place to catch up on sleep, while the home has become more challenging since my feline sista arrived. I am very polite and respectful to her, but she is quite fascinating to me, and I would really like to get to know her more and have conversations. She is a rescue, so I was told that she needs some time and may not be that talkative at first. I’ll be patient and will be there when she is ready 😉 

Other than that, I spent a few nights outside of our home and had two sitting experiences this month. Those are great for me as it allows me to break any sort of routine that I may think I have and provides me with tools to enjoy working with other people/handlers. During one of my stays, the family even had another PADS dog, and let’s just say that PADS Britton and I really got along, and I learnt so much in 3 days. 

What a month, what a big world, and I love how much there is to learn!

Submitted by: Team Copper