May was fabulous …. Thank you for asking 🙂 

My feline sister, little Luna the Nicomen Island cat, has fallen in love with me. She follows me around the house, grabs my legs, bites my cheeks and then cuddles into my tummy while I am sleeping. My raisers say that the way that I treat her and the kindness that I show her makes me an awesome puppy in training. Truthfully, I just love her and her silly tricks. 

I did have to share Luna this month as I went on a puppy swap! Cashew came to live with my family, and I went to live with his! I loved my time in my temporary home, and they thought that the way I just settled was marvellous. It was an amazing adventure. 

I even had a ‘work’ outing as I hung out on the PADS Campus one morning so that I could meet the amazing Telus people who were volunteering for the day. As you know, TELUS is my sponsor, so it was amazing to meet my big family. 

The weather is warming, and I am loving my walks and have even started training my skills on the street because I am big enough to handle more distractions. My skills are getting better and better, and you should see my duration sit 🙂 Maybe I’ll show you next month xx. 

Submitted by: Team Copper