Copper here and like every month when I am writing my pupdate, I am wagging my tail in excitement. I have so much to tell you because May 2023 was like no other month!

With one of my raisers participating in the Vancouver tourism challenge, I had the incredible opportunity to explore the vibrant City of Vancouver and visit some of its most famous tourist attractions and experience unforgettable adventures.

First up was the Vancouver Aquarium, where I encountered a dazzling array of sea creatures. Next up was the Science World – a place buzzing with scientific and interactive discoveries like the walking piano – and it went on and on with scavenger hunts in Granville Island, Cloverdale, Burnaby Heights, the Northshore and then there were the visits to many wonderful museums, the Britannia Mine, the Maplewood Farm, the Fort Langley National Historic Site, the Sea to Sky Gondola and so much more. Oh and did I tell you that everything was free? Pretty amazing, right?

The excitement didn’t stop there! Can you believe that I got to attend a circus too? The colourful performances, talented acrobats, and the motorbikes in a cage certainly grabbed my attention.

As if that wasn’t enough, I also had the privilege of attending the show RAVEN at the Cultch, Lewis Capaldi and Shania Twain concerts.

I think that sums up my action-packed month even though I feel that I may have left a few exciting events behind, like my second time at the Whitecaps Game or my meeting with Jojo Mason at the PoCo May Days 100 anniversary celebrations!

I am grateful for the wonderful opportunities and experiences that I’ve had this month especially since my last breeding test just happened and it is looking pawtty promising for me. The DNA results won’t be back for another couple of weeks but it may very much coincide with my next heat and who knows, this may be the beginning of a new journey. I’ll be sure to let you know.

Submitted by: Team Copper