Funny how I told you on my last pupdate that November wouldn’t be as exciting as October…well, I was wrong because it was.

It was exciting because I got to spend a week with my favourite local sitter and her retired PADS dog Walker. I experienced so much art and attended the Eastside Culture Crawl & at least 4 theatre performances. I met and interacted with new frens like Harvest the hedgehog and Boon the ferret, and on a completely different spectrum, I got to go for the very first time to the hairdresser…and you are right, it wasn’t for me – my hair is always well put together and trimmed. πŸ˜‰

So November was smoking busy, and with the help of my sitter and my raisers, I was able to decompress in between each situation so that I could tackle the next one in the best possible way.

November is also the beginning of the holiday season which means that I went to the Lights at Coquitlam Lafarge Lake Kick-Off Event and also helped in decorating our home. My raisers like to make everything light-hearted so that I get to embrace what’s in front of me – and I did. My little furry sister Luna also assisted, but she was so much more playful and is really enjoying the Christmas ornaments. I would too, but I quickly understood that I wasn’t allowed and must keep it cool and calm around the tree and all it has to offer. I am a big girl now, so I don’t mind, and I can even sleep hearing Luna playing under the tree.

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