February was a fantastic month for me! Even though I’m still a baby (3.5 months old now), my puppy-raisers, Cathy and Chris, took me to some amazing places. 

I learn a lot when I go on short outings with them. Things like how to walk on all kinds of surfaces (like metal grates and manhole covers) without being afraid. Chris says that it seems that I am willing to walk on just about anything – and that I’m one brave puppy. I even walked on and off a bus! They took me to a local mall, and I couldn’t believe that the manikins, standing so still in the window, were not real people – sure fooled me! 

I also learned how to go up and down a mountain of stairs. I was really scared at first, but Chris helped me to learn that I wouldn’t fall. He’s says building my confidence in tackling new things is an important part of my service puppy training, and that’s why they show me so many new things. 

The 3 C’s (Cowan, Cathy, and Chris) have puppy class every Tuesday by Zoom. In those classes, the nicest trainers show Cathy and Chris how to teach me things like getting into my yellow service dog cape, go to my bed, perching with my two front feet on a stool (my favorite thing to do!), and resting quietly while being held gently for a few minutes (my least favorite thing to do – I’d rather play). 

Over the past few weeks, I’ve also learned how to control myself better when it comes to things like jumping up and puppy-biting the hand that feeds me. Cathy thinks I’m almost 100% over that phase. But, since I’m only 3.5 months old…I sometimes backslide even though I try very hard not to. 

I’m growing really fast, and while I really love to play (blowing leaves are a blast!)…my favorite time is when I’m learning all the new things I’ll need to know to be a grown-up service dog with a very important job.

Submitted by: Cathy Demers & Chris Wright