Two weeks ago, I left my mom and went to live with my new humans, Cathy and Chris. They said they are going to take very good care of me and teach me what I need to know to grow up to be a super-hero service dog. So far…so good! 

I’m only 10 weeks old, but already I’m learning things I’ll need to know to be a great help to a PAD’s client one day. Things like focus, listening, and, well, not jumping up on people or biting their legs. It’s hard for me right now because I’m just a baby and…the world is so much fun! However, Chris and Cathy are patient and seem to know when I just need a nap. 

I’ve mastered a lot of new things like sit, navigating stairs, following, and I’m learning to get into my yellow service dog cape. Cathy says that it would be easier to get my cape on…if I didn’t treat it like it’s a chew toy. I even met two new dogs – one of kind of bossy, but the other one I really liked. 

I’ve been to a few new places too! I stuck close to Chris while Cathy got her car insurance, and we went on a short trip to our local mall. I’m getting used to seeing a lot of new people – most of them have masks on their faces, but that doesn’t bother me. Cathy says I’m very brave and oh so smart…and I’ll grow up to do important work one day. 

Submitted by: Cathy Demers & Chris Wright