Hi Everyone!

August was a HOT month! And my adventures in Alberta ended in spending time in Banff/Lake Louise. I loved it. I watched some Frisbee Golf, and I found it so fascinating I fell asleep. My raiser would take turns carrying me. Did I mention I snore! Loudly! hahaha

We were moving when we came back, so I spent some time with my bestie PADSNana (who really is my mentor)…. and then PADSMuse came home for the weekend. I loves her so much! she tried to run away from me, but I found her every time. She has an irresistible neck, basically my own chew toy.

I was so lucky to go to a yoga class and explore the children’s library. I am working hard on my cues. Bed cue was super easy for me! I settle really great, and again I like to sleep πŸ™‚

Submitted by: Miss Cremello