Hi Everyone!

This month I went on a jet plane to visit family in another province! It was my very first plane ride, and I was ready. The airport was not so busy, which was great for my raiser and me. The hardest part for me was settling while we waited to board our plane. I struggled to be calm, and not even a banana kong would help. Once on the plane, I handled it like a pro once I figured out how to fit by my raiser’s feet and how to stretch out or curl up. It was a short flight, and Flair Airlines were so amazing to us!

While there, I stayed in a different type of kennel than at home, and it took me a little while to want the door shut. So we took our time, and I was given a new teddy bear as a pillow. That made me happy.

We went to a few stores and lots of family visits. My raiser had sprained her ankle, so it was pretty low-key. I did get to run around the backyard and a few walks with the family. We did get to play with lots of little kids, and I must say, I loved them!

It was super, super, super hot, and I was just happy to sit in front of a fan!

Our flight was delayed a few hours when we travelled to Vancouver. Oh no! There was a special spot for doggos to do our business, but I was not too fond of the smell of it. Also, it was super wet, as someone must have just rinsed it. All was good for me, and my raisers had already limited my water, so I did not even feel I had to go. This flight was packed, and I had to curl in the littlest curl. But I was so tired it was ok. Being in a tight spot felt comforting, and I may have snored a little too loud at one point.

Bye for now!

Submitted by: Miss Cremello