Hi Everyone! West Coast Sun, Rain, Snow, Winds, King Tides…..December was quite a month. Oh, and Merry Christmas!

We got so much snow this month. It was my first time seeing, eating and chasing snowflakes. At first, I was a bit put off. I am ok with Rain, but this stuff was cold. I got a new winter jacket with fleece and a rainproof shell. I love it. I was chilly, and my bed was right by the fireplace, and I liked it when anyone put a blanket on me. I appreciated it.

I spent with sitters this month, and they helped me work on my cues. I went on a few field trips, walks, office settling and hung out with my Dad for a couple of walks (my puppy dad PADS Cleat).

My Auntie Muse is with us permanently now. And I could not be happier. She is such a mentor, play buddy and snuggler. She always greets me with a toy. My loos leash walk together is perfectly in sync!

This month I was at many parks, grocery stores, restaurants/coffee shops, the mall, Costco and a bakery.

Much Love,

Submitted by: Miss Cremello