My raiser said that December was very cold. Too bad she doesn’t have a fur coat like me. It was also really slippery out. My raiser slipped! Good thing I was in front and stopped her from falling. One day we went to a park and visited a place that had a whole bunch of little houses. Like a really big bunch of little houses. I don’t know how they expect a big dog to get into one. They were so tiny.

We also went to a class that was in a place with a lot of stores and lots of people, and a bunch of other PADS dogs. We walked around all over and even went into a small room that went up and down. My raiser said it was an elevant or something. We didn’t even need to use stairs at all. Wow. I had to wear a funny hat and scarf. I was the only PADS dog there with something silly on, but people seemed to like me anyway. My raiser said I had to be especially good and not play with the other dogs. That was the hardest thing.

When I went into a store, I saw a really big man in a red suit and hat. This guy was really big and roly-poly! He wouldn’t even fit in my humongous new kennel. I also saw a huge brown cookie, but my raiser said I couldn’t take a bite. I’m not supposed to eat anything that doesn’t come from my raiser or my sitter. I think that’s because they want me to love them best.

A lot of days we just spent indoors because it was too cold and slippery for my raiser. Maybe she could grow more hair??? So we did training things, we played a lot, and one of my favourite things was we snuggled. I’m not allowed on the couch, so my raiser sits on the floor with me. I think that’s because she really loves me. My raiser told me that next month is a new year. I wonder what a new year looks like.

Submitted by: Lurline Langbell