Happy February!

It was a rainy month again, with snow here and there. I am pretty relaxed about water and could care less! It is assumed for a Super Star Service Doggo not to get distracted about water!

I was super excited to have my first puppachino from Starbucks, YUM! Below is a picture, and in my excitement, my Auntie Muse did her best to get to hers. Lol, I almost got both of them!!

This month, I was out at Homesense, Costco, Coffee shops and Canadian tire. I like Homesense. But there are times we get barked or growled at by the other non-service dogs allowed in the store. It does not faze me unless they want to play. Then I have to get refocused by my raiser. I think I do a good job “Good Girl.”

I was lucky to visit with a few sitters. Boy, I got some new experiences, including a movie theatre and riding the bus! It took me a while to settle in the movie, but after that, I snoozed it for the rest of the movie. O am working on my daytime kenneling as I don’t love to be alone for too long! But you know what, my raisers always come back and eventually, it will be no big deal.

See ya till next month, or check me out on Instagram @padscremello

Much Love,

Submitted by: Miss Cremello