Hi Everyone,

Little Miss Cremello has decided she does not want to work as a PADS (Pacific Assistance Dog Society) Service Dog and is hanging up her vest.

Cremello is happy to lead a life of leisure and snuggles. After much thought with trainers and the team, Cremello is not keen to work on her cues and durations. She is Miss “mello” and lives up to her name. Her future is still undecided as she looks for the suited family to shower her with kisses, snuggles and playtime. She is a well-behaved girl and will be someone’s bestest friend!

Congrats to Miss Nala and Mr. Cleat on such a fantastic litter. Of course, Jane and Kailea being the cheer team! And Congratulations to Cremello’s siblings, the Horse Colors Litter of Pinto, Pearl, Pal II, and Roan, who have moved on to PADS Advanced Training this month!

These pups indeed make their own decision on the right path for themselves. We are proud of Miss Cremello, always.

Submitted by: Team Cremello