Hi Everyone!

July was an adventure! After spending some time with PADSNana, I was on a road trip to Alberta. That’s right little ole me. And guess what!? I slept and slept and slept ….and more sleeping. Sleeping is my favourite thing to do! So many sniffs and sights.

Since Alberta is all about Hockey, I, of course, had to show them my moves! They even had a perfect stick for me, and it was cool. Us pups, we like to adventure on our own and tend to get into trouble pretty darn quick. For me, I got stuck in the bathroom garbage. I just wanted to have a quick sniff. But the garbage lid came with me, which made me very excited. Have I done it again? Maybe? But I get a few puppy-free passes. To be honest, I have moved on to those blowing leaves outside—way more interesting.

We did a few quick stops, we were in awe of the Bow Falls in Banff, and we remembered to keep a good social distance.

Submitted by: Miss Cremello