Hi Everyone!

Happy Canada Day. I was lucky to be with my sitters and to watch the fireworks. Crowds and sound don’t often bother me. I have watched them before, but we always keep our distance, and my raisers/sitters always look for signs of stress.

This month has been hot, hot, hot and hotter. I have been keeping cool and early morning walkies and avoiding the hot pavement. I have always loved to sit in the sun, but my raisers have kept me in cool places, which is not good to stay in the sun too long.

We have been out and about where there is air conditioning in the mall, coffee shops, grocery stores, Costco, library and a rec centre too!

I am lucky we go on forest adventures and hang out with PADS workmates and besties. This month I met up with PADS Sassy, Released Joy, Pet Tigger, PADS Duchess, my auntie Miss Muse and a few more:-)

End of June, I was lucky to be with New PADS sitters, and I got to be their first pup! I was super excited, and there was a lot of learning. My adventures will be on my next month’s pupdate πŸ™‚

Bye for now!

Submitted by: Miss Cremello