Hiya Everyone!

Spring has arrived, and I went on a road trip to Tofino. The sun and beach were super chill. We all needed the rest. My loose leash skills on the little trails were noticed! My slow and steady pace is perfect. But as soon as I get a little off-leash time, I can rip and roll to the best. My recall in open spaces is something I really need to work on. I gets so happy to run to greet a new friend and sometimes forget where my raisers are. I am getting better as I get older. I am indifferent when it comes to water. My raisers say that is A-Ok. 

I am excellent in my kennel at night & morning, but daytime kenneling is a skill I am working on for sure.

My raisers say I am a gentle puppy soul and could cuddle all day if I could.

I went on a few trips to the grocery store, malls, coffee shops, the big home depot and Costco (wow, it’s big). I also had a special walk and talk with my class trainer this month. She said I did an excellent job. I need to work on my Go-In skills (tucking under a table in the food court). I let out a few barkies and rolled onto my back. Whooooops! But then we walked around the mall more, and I aced it!! 

Next Month is Birthday time. Yes, On April 1st, it will be my b-day. Stay tuned.

Submitted by: Miss Cremello