Hi Everyone! November, RAIN, RAIN, RAIN!

I am working on a few new cues like Chin, Touch, Perch, Jump (On/Off) and always working on Recall (This way and Here). My recall needs some work! I am still a puppy, and with SOOOO many smells, doggos and new friends, there is lots to get excited about!

“Mello” Cremello they call me because at home I love my bed! In fact, if I get mixed up about what cue I am learning, then my go-to is just to go to my bed! And wait!

My auntie PADS Muse has been at home this month, and I LOVES her. (My dad, PADS Cleat, which would make him PADS Muse half brother’, which makes me Muses niece! Wow. She has been at home, and I LOVES her. I am learning my house manners with her. Muse is VERY good at her cues, so I hope to be like her one day. We are together a lot, and our loose leash walking is perfect! We also do our “Better Go” cue at the same time!

This month, I was at Costco, the mall, bookstores, craft store, Pacific Spirit Park (UBC), restaurant, and just walking around the neighbourhood! 

Much Love, 


Submitted by: Miss Cremello