Hi Everyone!

September was a fun month with a few new adventures! We went to a new beach nearby home and guess what!? I went into the water up to my belly. LOL, for a lab, this was exciting. However, I jumped back to the shore to play on the beach with the other pups. We had a fun off-leash hike in West Vancouver with my big sister (my auntie Miss Muse). She and I are like peanut butter and jelly. And guess what? We LOVE peanut butter and jelly.

We had a fun trip to the Vancouver Aquarium too. So many new sights and a few sniffs. I was there with my classmates, and I think we did pretty reasonably. The seals were fascinating. They popped up right beside me, and I did not flinch. I just looked at my raiser and watched. By the end, though, I was tired and was rewarded with a playful romp in the park nearby.

End of this month, I started an adventure with my sitters, and I am sure it will be awesome. We also had word that my time is quickly approaching Advanced Training, which will be in February 2023. WOW. Time has flown by. I loves my family and, most significantly, my auntie Muse. But I need some new experiences to help me to be the bestest Assistance-Dog-Intraining in my career. Stay tuned in my next pupdate to share where I will be going.

Much love, Cremello

Submitted by: Miss Cremello