Daegan has been enjoying some time away from the music studio because we are on holidays, so he has had many new experiences, met new people and had new places to go. He has slept away from home, shared his space with new pets and has enjoyed all the novel adventures.

One adventure was attending a gong show – a concert where gongs are played.  We were right in front of the gongs and in case you have never experienced this amazing and novel idea, the gongs are hit, rubbed, etc so there is a wide variety of sounds, high and low, being produced.  There is a lot of energy and because it is live, you can actually feel the waves of sound, so I am certain that is a lot of information for a dog to experience.  Daegan listened and was able to be comfortable in the squishy crowd in a “go in”, but the length of the concert was a little stressful for him.  He managed to maintain himself with some support and encouragement from me, and was able to relax again as soon as the concert ended.

We also visited a fire hall, and Daegan posed with the kids on the bumper of one of the fire trucks.

Submitted by: Helen Thompson