Dancer was exposed to horses this month, and walked around in a large unfenced area where horses were grazing. She barked briefly and then stopped barking and just raced around the periphery of the area staying clear of the horses. She watched closely as I approached and touched the horses, intermingling with them, but chose to keep her distance. Dancer also spent some time with Brian Smith at the drive-in and experienced golf cart riding, and another household. Dancer is difficult to get out of the water. She is an extremely strong, obedient swimmer. She swims beside me as I swim in the lake. Last year, she had a tendency to try to climb up on me, which was quite unpleasant, but this year has learned that there is no need to panic, either for me, or for her and she swims nicely along beside me. She also swims completely on her own, and will just jump in the lake and swim around because it is enjoyable for her. We are working on her resisting to scrounge for things on the ground of public places. She unfortunately has learned that there are some delicious things on the floor of restaurants and other public places, and so we are working hard on her leaving them alone. She is coming along quite well.

Submitted By: Deborah Mason