Dasher and Donner standing on a rock in a field.

June is a pretty busy month when you have human siblings in elementary school. There was a whole lot of baseball and softball, which I didn’t mind because I got to be outside in the grass. There was a music recital and a grade six farewell. I got to wear my bow tie for both events–I’m looking handsome in my bow tie photo!

In June I got to spend lots of time with my brother Donner–that’s me with him on the big rock.  We go to the dog park and run around together a lot.  I also got to have a few sleepovers with him. He’s the best!  My dog friend Marley also came to visit for a few days.  She has a pretty small bed. I thought I would try it out; I thought I fit pretty good but my humans didn’t agree.

That last photo is just me being silly. This is what I do to tell my humans I need some serious LOVE! I really love LOVE–it’s the best part of my day!

Have a happy summer!


Submitted by: Puppy-raiser Tracy Beaton