On May 21st I had to say goodbye to my best buddy and favorite brother from another mother, Rocky.  It was a tough weekend for everyone.  I’m happy to say we’ve all come out on the other side.  I’ve been giving lots of extra snuggles to the Beatons.  I know how much they miss Rocky, besides he didn’t really give them much in the way of cuddles.  He only cuddled with me!  This picture of us proves it!

Rocky needed to have a bath before he left so they made me have a bath too.  I’m not a big fan of baths but I did it anyways.  We were rewarded with a trip to the movie theatre- we saw the Jungle Book- that was fun- I slept through most of the movie.   I’ve been to a few ball games.  I like to eat grass instead of sleeping, I don’t think I’m supposed to but it’s hard to watch those darn balls and not chase them!   I definitely get to spend more time at Cam & Alex’s elementary school now that Rocky is gone (Tracy doesn’t have to leave one of us at home).  I like going to their school.  There are lots of kids and I get pet a lot, which means more treats.  I like to be pet.  I like more treats!

Signed, Dasher

Submitted By: Puppy-Raiser Tracy Beaton