Dax is making great progress on house training and the accidents have been minimal. He is also starting to understand which are his toys to chew and which things he should not chew but more work to do. This morning he was caught trying to take my dirty t-shirt quickly into the back of his open crate and he seemed to know he was guilty by how quickly he was stealthily trying to hide his prize. He resisted giving it up a bit but no big problem. This was the first time I noticed a difference in his behavior when he had picked up his item or a person item in his mouth … seemed like a sign of learning. Was hard not to smile. Dax also heard and then saw his first Fire Truck with sirens on. He heard it before me and was instantly at attention and curiously watched until it passed. So smart. He has been an absolute pleasure over the holiday season … I can not believe how easy it has been to add him into our lives. I look forward to learning the dos and don’t for more specific training as time passes.

Submitted By: Kara Crawford