Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

Pupdate: Dax continues to work on his loose leash walking in high distraction areas (especially the park where other dogs are around). He is practising ‘stand’, ‘here’, ‘jump up’, and duration of sit or down with the high distraction of food being dropped on the floor nearby.

Dax had a busy December as he helped his human with her volunteer role as ‘security’ for the Royal City Youth Ballet Nutcracker tour. He spent long days at the Surrey Arts Centre and Maple Ridge Arts Centre practising go under and sitting when his adoring fans wanted to greet him. He received as much or more attention than the dancers! He also discovered that he really likes to add a personal touch to holiday décor by rearranging themed throw cushions and Christmas ornaments off the tree. He would carefully bring the items one by one to his human in whichever room she was in. Other than the off leash dog park, Dax’s favorite thing is the ‘go find it game’. His humans enthusiasm for endless rounds of the game is sadly not equal to his own (they seems to get tired or going up and down stairs trying to find hard and harder places to stash the toy in an effort to draw the game out).

Submitted By: Kara Crawford