Dax loves playing ‘Go Find It’. He has a couple of stuffed toys which we only use for that game. He is getting so good at it that it only take a couple minutes to find the item no matter where in our three storey home we hide it. He can even do it in the dark! Mom is most impressed with how willing Dax is to hold his ‘down’ when he knows we are playing the game.

Dax is working on loose leash walking. Hard to do when fresh and full of energy. Much easier after Dax has been walking for a while. Almost impossible to have a loose leash when approaching the off-leash dog park area but Mom refuses to walk if Dax is not by her side. It can take a VERY LONG TIME to get there. Dax is however very good at sitting and waiting to be released before entering the gate to the off-leash area.

Dax loves everyone and every dog. He assumes the feeling is mutual. When another dog is not thrilled to see him, he always seems surprised and hurt. He will often try to win them over by sitting or lying down.

Submitted By: Puppy raiser Kara Crawford