DAX is enjoying romping in the cooler weather with his advanced sitter and her children! This month, Dax has been able to spend some time onsite with Margaret for assessment to determine what the next steps are for Dax. His impulse control is a concern for a future placement, as he is a very strong dog with a lot of pull behind him! Dax continues to be a lovable ball of wiggles and silliness and is a joy to have around the home, especially when someone around him is feeling some kind of distress; he is the first to rest his head on the lap of whoever he has determined needs his attention at the moment. We hope to have more information about Dax’s future very soon.

  • Skills being learned: Working on impulse control and dog distraction
  • Recent field trips: Various field trips with his advanced sitter
  • Possible behavior challenges: Impulse control, dog distraction, prey drive, loose leash walking
  • Advanced training location: Burnaby
  • Potential career path: Assistant Dog or Pet Placement

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Dax!

Submitted by: Training Program Manager Margaret Hicks & Service Dog Instructor Rob Mackay