Happy New Year everyone!

I had a quiet New Year’s Eve. I didn’t even hear all the noise and fireworks around my house. My hooman’s had some kind of celebration and took me to a fancy restaurant! I sat under the table really quietly, and no one even knew I was there except the waiter, who said I got an A for being there so quietly!

I had a fun walk and talk with one of my trainers, and I got to go into a Pet Store, which was new for me. It smelt so good, and there were some dogs in there, but I behaved pretty well. I then went into a Canadian Tire Store and saw lots of things. It is a pretty packed store, so there was a lot to look at, but my hooman didn’t buy anything!

Dexter and I like to look through the glass doors when the hooman’s are eating. Sometimes, I sit under the table, but not every night. My nana drops food, so I think they don’t want me eating off the floor. πŸ™ My nana loves me and loves patting my belly. I, of course, let her because it makes her happy!

I have been out for coffee, grocery shopping and brunch. I am getting much better at settling for these things!

The one thing I don’t really like is when they go on their cell phones and don’t pay any attention to me. I will have to learn it is ok to rest sometimes!

Submitted by: Karen