I had a great month this month. I got to go to the sitter for two weeks while my hooman went to a faraway place called Hawaii.

I first went to stay with a lovely lady named Kathy. She was really good to me and took me to a creek where I had fun! I was a pretty good boy and even got to go and vote with her (but they wouldn’t let me cast a ballot). But when Scarlet came over to Kathy’s, I just wanted to play with her but wasn’t allowed to.

Then I went to another sitter, Mary, she was really nice too.
I got to go to the Aquarium and see lots of jellyfish! I liked the jellyfish!

I got to go into the woods lots for off-leash free time. I love the woods and jumping on stuff! I went to church, restaurants and the market.

When my hooman came home, she took me to a great Halloween Party. I had a great time!

Submitted by: Karen