November was another busy and fun month for me. Early in the month, I went on adventures with my fellow PADS puppies-in-training. First I went to the Vancouver Convention Centre with some of my favourite PADS sitters where we met a bunch of human doctors. Then I went to Science World with my human where I got to help teach a bunch of small humans about service dogs. It was very busy and noisy there, but it was exciting to get to show the small humans what we PADS dogs are about! At the very end of the month, my human took me back to the PNE grounds, but this time it was for something called the Aurora Winter Festival. There were lots of pretty lights and I met a lot of elves and got to sit in Santa’s sleigh!

Sometimes I forget to mention that I get to have a lot of fun times too. Once in a while I get to go to places called dog parks and meet and play with other dogs. The other times I get to go on great walks with some of my PADS puppy friends. We go to fun places like the beach and Pacific Spirit Park in Vancouver where we can run and play and get really muddy. The only problem with that is afterwards, my human makes me have a yucky thing called a bath.

I’m working hard to get really good at all my skills in puppy class. We went on a class field trip this month to a really cold place called Burnaby 8 Rinks. I got to watch some hockey and soccer practices. It was really noisy but that didn’t bother me much! At another class we practiced standing on a bunch of weird surfaces, but those don’t bother me at all. I’m working REALLY hard to not get quite so excited when I see my puppy friends. I’m also learning that if I see these weird things called nail clippers, I’ll get a lot of treats! I used to not like it very much, but I think I might be changing my mind about that.

Submitted By: Tessa Matsuzaki