Dervish is almost 11 weeks old (Feb 3) and we’ve had the joy of having him in our home for the past 2 weeks. From the start, he (and we) adjusted to our new shared existence and were smitten with his calm but curious demeanor. We live in the West End so he’s been introduced to the businesses of Robson and Denman streets and taking it in stride. We’ve had lots of walks in the neighbourhood and Dervish is doing well with loose leash walking (and lots of kibble along the way). He found Stanley Park to be quite enchanting and is looking forward to getting back there! He’s had 2 puppy classes so far which have been a good opportunity as we are learning lots from him each week. We are settling into our routine at home and looking forward to Dervish being fully house trained. He’s starting to “ask” to go outside so that’s encouraging. It’s been a real joy watching Dervish explore his world and grow into a confidant puppy.

Submitted By: Dennis & Cindy Hartman / Masaro