Desi visited a couple of sitters in February, the first for five days and the second for seven days.

When with the first sitter, Desi visited the Calgary Winter Club for dinner, Sport Chek, and grocery stores.

When with the second sitter, she visited the Farmers Market, a coffee shop, the grocery store and a friend’s home.

Desi is a sweet, smart relaxed puppy.  She is easy to work with and to take anywhere I went.  She had fun with other dogs and was able to chill out when she was done playing or was asked to stop playing.

She was great in her kennel and learned new things in puppy class with ease. She is one of my top favourites that I have sat in the past 4.5 years.  Great work done by her trainer!!

Submitted By: Melanie Hayden (puppy-sitter)

Photos Submitted By: Makana Hilton (puppy-sitter)