Desi’s anxiety has decreased significantly over the months. She continues to be a big part of our Kindergarten class (as seen in the photo with one of our teachers and a student).

Many of our students are anxious so take regular time with Desi to just lay with her, for a touch on her head or a few moments to hug her throughout the day. Desi will go and lean against the legs of an adult who is standing or against a child who is sitting down who is upset, overwhelmed or who has a lot going on.

When I see her do this, I ask. “How are you doing?”. And every time, there is something going on for that person. It is incredible. Sometimes, the person is amazed I knew to ask – but I always tell them, it isn’t me, it’s Desi who knows. She is always drawn to be near and comfort those who need her! She never tires, gets impatient or quits in these situations.

Submitted By: Dana Stephenson