Desi has settled in well with the start up of school! She has been introduced to a full day of Kindergarten 2 days a week! We have a high number of special needs kiddos in our class, and Desi is amazing and so patient with them! She herself is anxious and will lean up against people or wind through their legs like a cat, but, she will also go do this to people who are worried, upset or even sick – she just senses that they need her. One of my staff members came up to me the other day and she said, “Do you think Desi knows how upset I’ve been about the stress in my life?” I looked at her black pants and the big white, hairy spot on the legs and said, “Yes, I’m pretty sure she does.” Sure enough – we looked down and there was Desi pressed against her legs! So, we are working on Desi’s anxiety and building her confidence, but encouraging her awesome natural sense for when someone “needs” her!

Submitted By: Dana Stephenson