I thought last month was exciting but boy was I wrong. This month I got to visit with Susan cuz Barb and Patrick went to Toronto for a big birthday party. I really like Susan so we had such a good time. We went to puppy class and then we stopped at IKEA on the way home and apparently I was a really good boy. There sure are lots of places to Go In there.

Then ……we went out for lunch and dinner at a few restaurants but the really big outing was when we went to Bard on the Beach. Lots of people smiled when they saw me so I guess I was being a good boy. I didn’t bark or squirm during the show and lots of people told Barb and Patrick they didn’t even know there was a puppy in the theatre. I also got to go to a lunch put on by YVR for the Greencoat volunteers.

But the really big deal was a romp with lots of other puppies at Spanish Banks. Bill Ng took tons of pictures which are now posted on Facebook. It’s good to be famous!!

Submitted by: Barb and Patrick