Boo! What a spooky and strange month it was.

It started off with a visit to the Aquarium, where I saw a bunch of friends that looked like me (they all had the same yellow vest), but I couldn’t play with them because I discovered we were all working.

Later in the month, Mom and Dad added black things to my cape called bat wings. They said it was something called a costume meant to be worn on a day called Halloween. I found out this was the last day of October. However, I ended up wearing them four times during the month; the word “cute” was used a lot when I wore them, so I’m guessing that’s why. You can see for yourself in the photos attached 😉

I learned some new things this month, like standing on a platform from a sitting position – Dad was so happy when I started getting it! And I’ve been playing a fun game of balancing kibble on my front paws, just waiting for mom or dad’s permission to chomp down on those tasty morsels. I love these games because they’re fun, plus I earn so many treats!

Submitted by: Darrel & Emily Fung