Dorado has been rooming with Elphie and goes out to play with her and Tansy and Pan.  Dorado has been keeping up his obedience and going on field trips to places like hospitals, old folks homes and destress events.  He is a rock star and warms hearts wherever he goes!

Dorado will be going with an experienced PADS volunteer/training assistant on a road trip through Washington to get travel experience and practice his meet and greets with many different people in different places.

Dorado has been officially matched with his person and will start team training on September 11.   

 I’ve included some pictures of Dorado including one with his half brother Pan.  You can see Dorado is the serious one haha.

Congratulations and big thanks to everyone who has put their love, dedication and hard work into Dorado’s success as he prepares to change a life!!

Submitted By: Ashley Siddals