Dot’s first few weeks in advanced training have gone very well!  She is settling in nicely, although occasionally she is vocal and wanting to be an escape artist.  She is currently rooming with Lennon and goes out to play with him and Harrison.

We have been working on getting to know each other and working on some of her challenges.  We have been working on impulse control by playing capping games and have also been working on loose leash walking with a focus on keeping her focus and her head up as she likes to sniff.

So far Dot has learned “light” – hitting a switch up with her nose to turn on a light.  She has also been working on “button” and started retrieve work and is very eager!

At first Dot was a bit nervous seeing a power chair move around her, but with a bit of BAT work she seems more comfortable with its speed and motion and she has started doing some walking next to it and is adjusting very nicely.

Thanks so much to Dot’s raisers for all your love and hard work – it’s provided a great foundation for her further training! I’ve included some pictures of her at PADS =)

Submitted By: Ashley Siddals