What a wonderful first month of Duchess. We sure do feel like we hit the puppy jackpot with her — she is intelligent, confident and adorable. It is wild to think she has grown this much already in one month, not only in size but in learning too.

Duchess got to meet some of the advanced dogs in our area, so she has been socialized quite well! She has been coming to school every day and handling it like a champ. Of course, she is a big hit with the students, especially with her epic snoring — it is the one time you will catch them laughing in Math class. We also had the opportunity to go downtown Vancouver with her for some training. She did well with the sights, sounds and smells, although she decided she is not a huge fan of birds (but also wants to play with them at the same time? haha!) She is also becoming a pro at settling at your feet.

Submitted by: Ryleigh