Duchess is a big ol’ sweety that is beloved by many, especially us. We are all quite shocked by how large she is, surpassing the height of the advanced dogs we see on weekends. She has grown confident with outings and is settling fantastically in public/outdoor spaces. If she has a Benebone to chew, she is guaranteed just to do her thing and not mind too much about what is happening around her.Β 

This month, she has enjoyed many forest walks, watched Track and Field events and participated in band concerts. Duchess is always up for a good play session and loves to meet new dogs, and it is a sure way to make her day better.Β 

She has also been managing large crowds quite well. Kiddos are now able to say hello to her at school without her breaking her sit or down. She is very affectionate and wants to give all of the kisses in the world, so we are slowly working on that and ensuring it is not reinforced πŸ™‚

Submitted by:Β Ryleigh Jacobs & Caleb Vanderleek